Redesign of the CRM STEL Order platform, branding, logo, web, dashboard and apps.
STEL Order
Mar 8, 2020

STEL Order

At STEL Order we encountered several problems, the first was its corporate identity, it was not worked, we designed a new logo and a renewed and current branding style.

New website, current, responsive, new dashboard for customers much more intuitive, question and answer section much more organized, solving various accessibility problems of the previous version and giving it a modern, clean and direct visual appearance.

And a new app for iOS and Android much more functional and current (soon).

STEL Order

STEL Order had a problem with its applications and websites, they were obsolete and not very functional, after studying with different users where it was failing, we redesigned everything from scratch, making a new UX approach and donating a new visual personality to the tools.

  1. Branding
  2. User test
  3. UX / UI redesign of the website and Dashboard
  4. Redesign of Apps

STEL Order continues to grow due to its good software that, together with the redesign of all its apps and websites, have reinforced its image in the Spanish and South American markets.

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