Sistemas de diseño
My name is SAMuel Checa

I create memorable experiences for the
mobile and web. I am Product Designer.

Passionate about music, architecture, and design, I enjoy working with people who value aesthetics, understand the power of simplicity, and know that a good customer experience is paramount.

By keeping your identity at the center of my approach, my goal is to find the simplest solution to meet your needs.My clients call me out for my efficiency, versatility and ease of communication.

My objective

Enhancing your project by creating awesome products

I am a product designer passionate about architecture, good design, minimalism and music.

I am very committed to design and am always working to improve my skills. I believe in taking care of every detail of my work to achieve perfection. I love to understand the technical requirements to achieve a good result with a satisfactory experience for the users. I love minimalism, I follow a design focused approach to create a clean and easy to use product. I am very interested in modern architecture and its relation to product design. I'm also a big fan of music, I love listening to music to find inspiration and stay motivated.

My dog ​​Yoshiro always accompanies me during the creative process. Maybe he can soon be a product designer :D. I love going for walks with him and even if there is something wrong with my design, spending time with him relaxes me.

The user interface is a crucial element for digital design. It involves the design and arrangement of interactive graphical elements, such as buttons, menus, and sliders, so that users easily interact with the interface. This is done to improve the user experience, navigation and accessibility. Factors such as visual design, use of colors, seamless navigation, responsive design, data visualization, and usability must be taken into account.

If you want to make an incredible product contact me.
Samuel Checa, product designer.